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What is Eonian?

Eonian is a decentralized savings account protocol designed to solve issues that prevent cryptocurrency expansion over the traditional finance (TradFi) market. The Decentralized savings account works in a similar way to the savings account in TradFi, but on blockchain and in a more transparent and flexible manner.
The Eonian protocol provides zero-fee insurance from crypto wallet hacks. This allows anyone to hold assets on the blockchain without risks of hacks or losing wallet keys. On top of that, assets that users save in Eonian also generate savings premiums for its owners. This creates a passive income stream for crypto holders and allows them to grow portfolios long-term.
You can read about Eonian protocol there.

How Is Eonian Used?

You can use Eonian for a variety of targets. Firstly, you can hold crypto in which you invested long-term in the protocol to decrease the risk of losing access to these assets. This is a much safer option in comparison to Centralized Exchanges (CEX), which can lock accounts or go bankrupt because, with Eonian, you still hold your private key and have full access to your assets. Eonian is also much safer than holding assets in just a hardware wallet because you insure your wallets against hacks and are still able to store them in a hardware wallet.
Secondly, you can use Eonian as a passive investment tool. All assets that you save in Eonian protocol automatically earn a savings premium. The protocol generates revenue by distributing liquidity between different lending protocols. In a similar way, banks generate returns on savings accounts by giving loans to clients. Eonian is the safest investment option in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) market, as all given loans are always fully collateralized, and all protocols in which liquidity is distributed are insured by Eonian.
Thirdly, you can use Eonian to recover access to your assets if you lose your wallet's private key. This is the most annoying issue in DeFi. More than $554 billion of assets was lost because of this. Eonian provides a simple way to restore access to your wallet assets without exposing your private key to anyone, including Eonian. You can simply link your wallet address with your email. In case you lose your wallet key, you will need to create a new wallet, then prove that you are the owner of the linked email, and easily receive all assets in your new wallet.
You can read more about Eonian use cases there.

How Eonian is Different?

Eonian is the first decentralized savings account protocol. There is no similar solution in DeFi or in TradFi. Compared to traditional bank savings accounts, Eonian is different, firstly because it works for cryptocurrencies. But also, Eonian does not have any fees on deposit or withdrawal, nor any time locks or minimum/maximum sum to save. On top of that, Eonian is working fully on the blockchain. As a result, all operations are transparent and trackable. You can see in real time where your assets are, what amount of liquidity Eonian controls, and how much the insurance pool can cover.
The main difference between Eonian, banks, and CEXes is that founders and the development team do not have access to assets stored in the solution. The protocol works in a decentralized way. As a result, the team cannot withdraw all assets in one moment or lock the assets from the owner because of government or law enforcement. And, of course, the protocol cannot unexpectedly go bankrupt like CEXes or banks.
In comparison to the crypto wallet, the Eonian protocol allows saving and restoring access to assets even in case of a hack or losing the private key. But in general, crypto wallets and Eonian are not different things but complementary. You can use Eonian only through your crypto wallet, and all assets that you save with Eonian are still stored in your crypto wallet.
The majority of existing insurance solutions in crypto work in a similar way to TradFi insurance. They hold insurance pool size hidden and outside of the blockchain. With Eonian, you can check the poll size and available liquidity in real-time using blockchain monitoring services, over which the Eonian team does not have any influence. So, you do not need to trust anyone that your assets are in place or that you will get your reimbursement. You can check it yourself.
On top of that, all existing insurance solutions charge high fees, but not Eonian. Even more, we pay an additional savings premium to you on top of assets that you insure with Eonian. This allows you to hold assets in our protocol effortlessly. You do not need to monitor or actively adjust any positions. You can just save your assets, forget about them, and return them when you need them.
The difference between Eonian and other DeFi solutions is that our protocol is developed by a team with rich experience in enterprise software development. The protocol integrates best practices from traditional software fields into the DeFi world, providing an innovative and secure platform for savings and investments.
You can read more about the differences between Eonian and other insurance protocols in our FAQ.

How to Start?

If you're an investor looking for a safe, secure, and profitable avenue for investing in cryptocurrencies, Eonian could be the ideal platform for you. Join us in our journey as we make strides in the DeFi landscape and redefine what it means to be a yield aggregator.
Welcome to Eonian - Welcome to the future of secure DeFi investing. You can start with Eonian by taking a look at our guide.

Eonian Litepaper

To learn more, take a look at our decentralized savings account litepaper.
Eonian Savings Account Litepaper.pdf

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