Open Statistics

On this page, our team collects important but unpopular statistics about different issues in the crypto industry, including hacks, bankruptcies, and more.

Lost digital assets because of CEXes bankruptcies

More than $8.9 Billion is lost.
This number is hard to know for sure, many CEXes don't discloss total assets that they wasn't able to return after bankrupties. For now, we know that at least $8.9 Billion was lost during FTX's bankruptcy.

CEXes exited US

At least 5 known cases.
The Paxful closed in the US in April 2023, Nexo exited the US in December 2022, started shutdown in the US on June 2023, Bittrex shut down in the US on April 2023, and Binance suspended US deposits. There are many more cases under negotiations with US regulators.

Assets stolen from crypto wallets

More than $120 millions
There are many known cases of hacking different wallets that don't involve any interaction with their owners. Most know cases involve $100 millions from Atomic Wallet, $10 millions from MetaMast and MyCrypto, $4 millions from TrsutWallet, $6 millions from Slope and Phantom Wallet.

Assets crypto wallets returned to their users

$0.17 millions was returned
There are not many public claims that crypto wallets will return lost assets, but we were able to find only one confirmed case for TrustWallet. This means that, in total, only 0.14% of all stolen funds have been returned by all wallets.
If you will be able to find any new or missing cases that can correct this statics page, please let us know by sending it to [email protected].