🎨Brand Guide / Media Press Kit

Brand Guide for ambassadors and partners

Ensure consistent branding, accurate information, engaging content, and compliance with guidelines when promoting Eonian in marketing, including ads, articles, websites, and printed materials.


Important to refer to the project as Eonian or Eonian DAO.

We are Eonian as a brand, and Eonian DAO is the full name of the company. For example, Google is a brand, and Google Inc is the name of the company. Please use Eonian when it is clear from context that we are talking about our brand. You can use Eonian DAO when it can not clear without additional context.

Please do not use Eonian Finance name. We used eonian.finance only in our website domain and Twitter handle due to registration limitations.


  • In a sentence - Innovative and easy solution to fight crypto hacks and earn passive income.

  • Proposition - Passive, safe, profitable

Logo and Colors

You can find our project colors and logo in different formats on our Brandfetch.


  • Headline - The Inter font family used for larger, high-impact text such as headlines or titles.

  • Body - The Roboto font family used for longer text, like paragraphs or secondary text.

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