🌴What Can I Do With Eonian?

Here are some scenarios where users can derive immense value from Eonian

  • Hacked Wallet Recovery - In case the user's wallet key gets stolen, and all assets are rapidly withdrawn. The user can notify the Eonian team. We will verify the user's identity, lock the assets from hackers during an investigation, and repay the stolen funds to the user at the end.

  • Lost Key Assistance - If the user misplaces their wallet key, locking their assets. Eonian allows the user to recover access to their funds by liaising through email, ensuring the safe transfer of assets to a new address.

  • Passive Income Generation - Any trader can use Eonian as a safe vault for their BTC and ETH holdings intended for long-term investments. By merely holding their assets in Eonian's Vaults, the trader enjoys an additional yearly return on static assets that, otherways, cannot be invested anywhere.

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