Features and Benefits

Eonian Savings Account stands out with its plethora of features
  • Safety First - Diversification and monitoring are used to drastically decrease the risk of potential hacks.
  • Zero Fees - Enjoy the luxury of no fees for insurance, deposits, or withdrawals.
  • Simplicity - There are no registrations or complicated procedures. Simply, as long as you keep your assets in our savings account, you will receive insurance and premiums automatically.
  • Flexibility - Unwrap your assets anytime without any time locks and limits.
  • Rewards - Benefit from up to a 10% APY premium on insured assets in the Vaults.
  • Backup Plan - If you lose access to your wallet, the protocol facilitates fund recovery using your email.
  • Wallet and protocol hack insurance - In simple words, we return your money when someone steals it from your wallet. That’s as simple as it is. But you can read the complete list of cases that we cover there.