Eonian has a long-term vision to eradicate existing problems and risks in the DeFi space, aiming to construct a new financial system on top of it. This means we don't plan to stop at creating just one protocol; we intend to build an ecosystem of solutions. We will start with a secure investment management tool in the form of a yield aggregator. Next, we'll launch a decentralized insurance protocol to protect your assets not only within our ecosystem but also from vulnerabilities in other protocols and wallets. Once we've ensured the safety of your assets, we will develop a Smart Contract Wallet designed to simplify your interaction with DeFi platforms. This wallet will be fully decentralized and non-custodial, and it will leverage our existing yield aggregator to earn passive income on your holdings.

While this overarching vision serves as our guiding star, we understand that any organization can only survive if it addresses immediate challenges and solves real-world problems. To prioritize the most pressing issues, we are building a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) that empowers community members to propose and vote on changes to our roadmap. Anyone participating in the governance of our protocol will be duly rewarded. As our DAO grows, we believe it should share the fruits of its labor with its members. One of the DAO's main features will be dividend distribution, which is a mechanism to share a portion of the protocol's revenue with DAO token holders.

You can see there are finished steps and future plans.

We are currently at the alpha test stage. You can read more about it there.

Alpha Test

Our next step is a closed beta test.

Closed Beta Test

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