Reward System

Ambassador Reward System That Values Your Contribution
At Eonian, we believe in rewarding our community members fairly and generously. Our Rewards System is designed to acknowledge your hard work and dedication. It’s crafted to fairly distribute value based on your work and the impact you have in the Eonian community. Through this program, your actions earn prestige ranks and Zealy Experience Points (XP), which reflect your standing and influence within our vibrant community.
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As you actively engage in our activities, tackle challenges, and contribute as an ambassador, you’ll earn many rewards and especially ranks that highlight your journey and achievements. These ranks are a badge of honor, symbolizing your growth, commitment, and the value you bring to the Eonian. This system ensures that your hard work is visibly acknowledged and that your progression is celebrated at every milestone.
Zealy XP - Experience points in our Zealy space that are earned by ambassadors for their participation and contributions to the community.

How It Works

The Eonian Ambassador Rewards System operates on the principle of active engagement. Participation in various community activities, including discussion contributions, quest completions, and working as an Eonian ambassador, earns members Zealy XP. Accumulated Zealy XP leads to higher ranks and will be converted to Eonian project token on retrodrop.
Retrodrop - A process where accumulated Zealy XP is converted into Eonian project token and distributed after the token launch.
The system is built around two complementary ranking structures: Community Roles and Ambassador Roles, each with its unique way of accruing points and recognition.

Ways to Earn Zealy XP

The Eonian Ambassador Rewards System is intricately designed to recognize various forms of participation and contribution. Here's a closer look at how you can earn Zealy Experience Points (XP) and achieve ranks within our community
Earning Community Roles
  • Your active participation in our community discussions on Discord and your efforts in inviting new members help you earn Community Roles.
  • These roles are a recognition of your social engagement and efforts to grow the Eonian community.
  • Once you earn a Community Role, you can claim Zealy XP on our Zealy board. This mechanism ensures that your social contributions in Discord are rewarded with tangible points.
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Completing Zealy Board Quests
  • The Zealy board is a platform where you can engage in various quests tailored to the objectives of the Eonian community.
  • Completing these quests not only provides you with Zealy XP but also aligns your activities with the broader goals of the Eonian and allow you to make your contribution in the community and project growth.
Working as a Senior-Level Ambassador
  • Ambassadors who take on senior-level roles or higher are awarded Zealy XP on a monthly basis.
  • This method of earning is reflective of the significant contributions and commitments made by these ambassadors.
Learn more about Ambassador Roles there 👇.

Ambassador Ranks

All ambassador ranks are prominently represented in our Discord server as roles. These ranks act as badges of honor within the community, showcasing your dedication, achievements, and evolving role in the Eonian ecosystem.
This structure ensures that all forms of participation, from community engagement to direct project involvement, are recognized and rewarded in a manner that reflects the diverse contributions of our ambassadors.

Dual Structure of Ranks

The Rewards System features two complementary ranking structures
  • Community Roles - Attained through active participation on Discord and by inviting new members. These roles signify your engagement and contributions to building and nurturing the community environment.
  • Ambassador Roles - Earned by completing tasks on the Zealy board and through active participation in higher-level ambassador activities. These roles are indicative of your direct contributions to the Eonian project and represent your achievements in project-based tasks and initiatives.
To join the ambassador program, check our onboarding guide there 👇.