Onboarding Guide and Roadmap

How to Become the Eonian Ambassador
Welcome to the journey of becoming an Eonian Ambassador! Our onboarding process is uniquely tailored to value real interest, valuable contributions, and sharing Eonian values over traditional metrics like years of experience or self-promotion skills. This is why we split the candidates’ onboarding process into three steps.
  • Start as an Entry-Level Ambassador - Simply by joining at the Entry level on our Zealy board, you begin earning rewards. You'll gain your first rank and become eligible for our retrodrop, marking your initial steps in the Eonian community.
  • Grow to Middle-Level - Immerse yourself in our community and grow in the direction that you want by completing engaging Zealy quests. Each quest brings new learnings and takes you closer to the Middle level, unlocking further rewards.
  • Apply to Senior-Level - Ready for more? Apply for the Senior level and elevate your ambassador experience. This step opens the door to even greater rewards and deeper involvement in the Eonian project.

Join Ambassador Entry-Level

Begin by completing a few initial quests on our Zealy board. It’s simple, engaging, and your first step towards becoming an integral part of our community.

Rewards You'll Earn

  • A special Discord role exclusively for ambassadors.
  • Access to a private channel for in-depth discussions and exclusive insights.
  • Eligibility for Eonian token rewards during the retrodrop.

Steps to Join

  • Go to our Zealy board and start completing quests
  • Join our social networks
  • Participate in quests like retweeting to spread the word about Eonian
  • Officially claim your rank as an Eonian ambassador on the Zealy board!
This is just the beginning of your ambassador journey, where you’ll explore and contribute to the project through various rewarding quests. Each new quest will provide for you the reward that you deserve!

Grow to Middle-Level

After attaining the Entry level, you can grow in directions that align with your interests. Depending on your interests, you can become:
  • Community Advocate - Engage and support our community across platforms.
  • Crypt Evangelist - Promote Eonian in diverse communities, highlighting our solutions.
  • The Creator - Produce high-quality content that resonates with a broader audience.

Progressing in Your Journey

Earn additional community ranks and expand your knowledge in the crypto space. The process is fun, interactive, and incredibly rewarding. Complete the designated quests in your chosen path on the Zealy board to ascend to the Middle level of your ambassador role. This level opens doors to higher rewards and sets the stage for the next exciting phase.

Apply for Senior-Level

Once you achieve the Middle level, you’re ready to apply for the Senior level. This is where your role becomes even more impactful.

Application Process

  • Submit your application through the form.
  • Our community team will review your application and guide you to the next exciting steps.

Senior-Level Benefits

  • Gain valuable, marketable experience with guidance from industry experts.
  • Earn monthly Zealy XP, which is convertible to Eonian tokens.
  • Access to exclusive contests and airdrops.
  • Potential to join the Eonian team.
  • More exciting rewards tailored to grow direction.
Don’t just watch the crypto world evolve – be a part of that change. Join the Eonian Ambassador Program today and start a journey that promises growth, recognition, and a chance to shape the future of finance. Your path to becoming a crypto influencer, a creative force, or a community leader starts here. Dive in and discover the many rewards and opportunities that await!